My wife and I established Development Aid World Network (D.A.W.N), a nonprofit supporting charitable efforts around the world. Our current focus is helping the children at the Mto wa Mbu Orphanage in Tanzania.  Our emphasis is on improving the orphanage’s infrastructure along with the children’s quality of life and education.  We are committed to being directly involved with the planning and implementation stages in addition to providing monetary assistance. We hope that our efforts will have a long lasting, positive impact on these children’s environment and lives forever.

After a visit to the Mto wa Mbu Orphanage in Tanzania we decided to help provide this facility with desperately needed infrastructure advancement. As a builder and project manager, I recognized that my abilities could help these children improve their standard of living.  

The children currently lack many daily necessities.  Our nonprofit, Development Aid World Network is working closely with the orphanage and have prioritized a "wishlist" for the 33 children and staff that live at the facility. Our top priority is drilling a water well.  It is hard to fathom how much we take fresh water for granted in the United States. With their own water supply they will not only have safe drinking water but will be able to irrigate gardens, trade water for food and improve daily hygiene.

After we accomplish drilling the water well, we want to supply the facility with grid power, kitchen appliances, a greenhouse, computers and a remote learning connection.  This facility has been operating under poor conditions, lacking some basic infrastructure for 10 years and we think we can help them achieve these goals.  

Dawn Development, Inc. based in Denver, CO pledges to match .50 cents for every dollar donated until we reach $20,000 dollars.  

Let's make a lasting difference together!


Children We're Helping